Friday, March 4, 2011

Harry potter series review

                       Harry potter series review

Ok, this week I am doing a review on the Harry Potter series (oooo, ahhh), yes I know this is all very interesting. Well I think this is one of the best written and probably one of the most read series of all time. But let’s take a look at the past of these books. When the series was first released many people rejected them for promoting witch craft. It seems to me some of the hostility has slackened but there are some people who still don’t like them; of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions. As you know the books were not all released at once, it took J.K. Rowling one and even two years to write each book. This brings me back to the quality of these books; she spent a tremendously long time writing this series. Planning and research must have taken at least half the time and then I’m assuming she didn’t publish the first drafts she probably had to rework large chunks of the books before she published them. Finally she had to get a publisher to accept the book. The point is she worked very hard, and in my opinion the results were AMAZING!!!
Well now that I’ve touched on the background of the series I’d like to do somewhat of a character analysis on the most important characters in the series:
-There is Harry potter himself, he is of course the main character. He undergoes somewhat of a transformation during the series. Harry goes from being the simple neglected boy that lived under the stair case to being taken into a world of magic where he meets his two best friends Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger these two characters stand by Harry until literally the end.
-Ron Weasly, Ron is Harrys’ best “guy” friend throughout the series. When I first read about Ron I thought of him as the “runt” of the litter even though he had a younger sister. Ron wasn’t a dragon trainer like his brother Charlie he wasn’t a werewolf like his brother Bill (by the way Bill becomes a werewolf in the later books) he wasn’t head boy with straight A’s like is brother Percy he was just plain old Ron which without a doubt ends up helping the trio of friends later in the books.
-Hermione Granger, Harrys’ best girl friend (not girlfriend, “girl” and let’s make sure there’s some space, “friend”), out of the group she is THE, and I mean this in all niceness “know it all” of the group. She is a half blood or as Draco Malfoy likes to say mud blood, so of course he gets socked right in the nose (which by the way I found very hilarious). Hermione is literally a walking library, she seems to always have useful information that the trio can use.
-Albas Dumbledore, Head master of “Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry”; throughout the books Dumbledore seems to always be looking out for Harry sometimes even anonymously. Such is the case with the invisibility cloak. He may not be Harrys’ father figure he seems to be somewhat of a role model or guardian against Voldermort. They say, “Dumbledore is the only wizard Voldermort ever feared”.
-Voldermort (aka: Tom Riddle, aka: “he who must not be named”, aka: Lord Voldermort); Man Voldermort has way too many names it makes me want to call him “that one kid”. He is the main antagonist throughout the series and even though Harry “kills” him multiple times he just won’t stay “dead”, which is probably one of the reasons Voldermort hates Harry so much. Voldermorts big thing is not dying which bring me to the horcruxes. Horcruxes are actually pieces of Voldermorts soul that he has ripped out by killing people. The maximum amount of times his soul can be ripped out is seven times. The ripped pieces of soul are then transferred into objects like the ring for example or the locket; which means he can only be truly killed if the six horcruxes and the seventh inside Voldermort are destroyed. Now here’s the tricky part horcruxes are NOT destroyed easily this obviously becomes a problem for Harry, Ron and Hermione.
                Well those are probably the most important characters in the series; of course there are more main characters but well… there are a lot of them. Over all, these books are, in my opinion, master pieces that had major effort put into them.  I think if you are looking for a great series for all ages this series would be perfect. The books are very descriptive have a fantastic storyline and over all they are fun books to read so I would definitely suggest these books to anyone who has a great imagination


  1. i liked how you gave each character (well the main ones) a spot in the post but i think you could work on why you should buy it and more about the story :) overall good job!

  2. ' took J.K. Rowling one and even two years to write each book.' did you mean 'one or even two years'?
    I think maybe you could explain a little more bout the characters personality? just a thought. Plus Hermione isn't a half-blood, that would mean one of her parents had 'magical' blood and both of them are muggles.
    '...though Harry “kills” him multiple times he just won’t stay “dead”, which is probably one of the reasons Voldermort hates Harry so much.' I dont get it.....Ol' Voldy hates harry because harry keeps killing him?
    New paragraph when you switch to horcruxes I think. Also, you switched to a different font on the last paragraph.
    Only people with a great imagenation could/should read the HP books?? Overall though, awesome job!

  3. You know you chose one of my favorites :) I like organizing your ideas through characters, but I'd still like paragraph form (transitions between paragraphs) and you need some sentence level work on fragments and run-ons here. I'd also like you to narrow your theme to help focus your character analysis. For example, look at each character's "tragic flaw" or how each character matures throughout the series. A controlling theme (thesis) will help control the essay and tie your ideas together.

  4. I liked the book review, but Hermione is muggleborn, not a half-blood.